"Training the Next Generation
of Leaders"

The mission of the Martin Luther King Youth Empowerment Conference is to inspire and empower high school students to become effective advocates and allies for peaceful social change on issues of violence, prejudice and discrimination.

Who can attend the MLK Conference?

The MLK Conference is open to any student who at the time of applying is in their Sophomore or junior year of high school. The admissions committee seeks to admit students who value the concepts of leadership development and social justice. The Ambassador class will be carefully selected to ensure that the conference participants reflect the mission and purpose of Dr. Martin Luther King and the Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America. The MLK Conference free of charge to Ambassadors that have been accepted.

Why apply to the MLK Conference?

Students selected for the conference are called Ambassadors to denote that the students will be representing their schools and communities as leaders. The MLK Conference staff will work with the Ambassadors to identify the skills necessary to affect change in the world, in our country, and the state of New Jersey. If you are a student who is involved in Peer Leadership, E.R.A.S.E, SGA, Diversity Club, or any organization that involves changing the lives of others, this experience is for you.

  • MLK Summer Institute August 10-13, 2018
  • MLK Winter Institute October 20-21, 2018
  • MLK Day of Service/ Graduation January 21, 2019

MLK Summer

August 10-13, 2018

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MLK Winter

October 20-21, 2018

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MLK Day of

January 21, 2019

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